Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evolution of a Doodle

I have been an incessant doodler all my life. This is me at ~age 3 working on some paintings, and a marker doodle from around the same time period:

Many years ago when I was clearing some of my junk out my parents’ attic, I was sorting through a box of high school notebooks. I tore out and saved all the pages with doodles I liked, and still have them all stored in a bulging folder (which is also covered with doodles). Here are some of my favorite high school doodles:

Some teacher portraits:

Just recently, I was clearing out some notebooks from college, and went through a similar exercise of ripping out pages with doodles I liked. What struck me was that my doodling had evolved – not so much in style as in purpose. Likely I didn’t have the luxury of allowing my doodles to be whatever I liked and was more focused on the actual subject material at hand in the classroom. I think sometimes teachers or coworkers perceive that a person who is doodling during class or a meeting is not paying attention. However, for me, doodling actually helps me stay focused on what I am listening to. Here are some of my favorite college doodles. They aren’t so much doodles – more of an extension of my notes:

I still try to doodle several times a week on my lunch break. Here is a doodle I did recently during a meeting at work:

It evolved into this in my sketchbook later that day:

Perhaps one day it will evolve into something else.

If you like to doodle, you will love this website:

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