Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Henry's Wooly Leggings

This is a guest blog by Henry. He wanted to tell you about his new hand-knit wooly leggings:

Hi there. I'm Henry. I'm almost 11 months old. My mom just finished knitting me these super-warm leggings, and I wanted to show them to you. She tells me she started knitting them before I was even born... it' s taken a while to finish them. But luckily they fit just right. And it's a brisk 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so they're keeping me toasty.

I decided to test them out in all the things I like to do. Sort of a test drive.

Good for sitting and playing with toys? Check.

Good for crawling? Check.

Good for climbing? Check.

Good for standing? Check.
Good for doing lunges? Check.

Good for reading? Check.

Good for being upside down? Check.
Good for spying on Dad in the bathtub? Check.

Do they make my bum look cute? Of course.
Hey Mom, these leggings check out. Thanks, Mom!


  1. Henry makes those leggings look great!

    1. Of course I'm partial, but I think Henry could make just about anything look pretty darn cute.