Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homemade Valentines

I have always hung on to making Valentines for my family members.  I'm the only adult in my family that still does this, but that's never deterred me.  Mostly I just enjoy an excuse for a little art project, and I've always felt that's important to let others know how much you appreciate them.  It's easy to share kindness, and it makes people happy, so why not?

This year's Valentines are unique in that they are two sided -- one side graces some of Henry's finger-paint artwork, and the other side are some of my fishy/landscape doodles.

The H Side
The G Side

I don't know if kids still make Valentines these days.  I remember in elementary school that my handmade Valentines were not as coveted by my classmates as the store-bought Scooby-doo variety, and I was one of only two kids in my class that actually cut them out of construction paper and doilies.  Has that trend changed in 30 years?  All I know is that I look forward to making more Valentines with this little guy!
Henry gets into his artwork!

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  1. Gretchen check my blog and you'll see a photo of my girls making Valentines. :-) And Joanie and Lisa & Martha all sent us homemade valentines across the ocean. You are not alone. :-)