Friday, April 12, 2013

Confluence - New Show!

My mother has been gracious enough to offer me a slot in her gallery schedule in June 2013.  I've been wanting to do my own show for quite a while, but creating a large body of work with limited free-time is very challenging.  Even though June is a few months away, I felt like I needed some help and asked two of my co-workers, Sacha and Ned, to show their work with me.  The three of us work together in the VT Agency of Natural Resources Rivers Program, and given the many layers of themes our works encompass, we decided to call our collaborative show:

Rivers and Mountains
Art and Science
Workmates and Friends

We came to know eachother as artists by accident through casual conversations.  The three of us share a mutual interest in natural history and science, and upon Ned's suggestion, we started to share a journal in which we take turns recording our thoughts and sketches.  Looking forward to continuing this creative journey with my friends.  Here's a sneak peak of some of the pieces I've been working on for the show:

Meander I - batik and hand stitching

Third Branch of the White River - hand stitching

Meander II - batik and hand stitching (in progress)

American eels - felt and embroidery (in-progress)

Mt. Mansfield, Jeffersonville, February - watercolor and ink

Squam Bog, NH - watercolor and ink