Saturday, November 30, 2013

Show at Richmond Family Medicine

Watercolor in progress - Preston Pond,  West Bolton VT
My friend Mary is the office manager at Richmond Family Medicine, a short drive down the hill from the road we both live on in Jericho.  Mary and I have been friends a long long time -- since we were babies and didn't yet know we were friends. Now we both have busy lives with kids and work and the whole shebang and don't often see eachother despite living in such close proximity.  But we have the kind of rooted friendship that endures on random hellos in the grocery store, waves from the driveway, and occasional catch-ups, and I feel happy knowing she and her family are just down the road.  A few months ago she asked me if I'd be interested in showing some of my work in her office space, and I didn't hesitate to say "Yes"!  The office she manages has beautiful natural light and is a great location to display artwork.  I've even had a bit of success in selling a few pieces from the show and had some great feedback from acquaintances who happened to see the show.  Many thanks to Mary and Richmond Family Medicine for the opportunity to show my work!  The show will hang through December 2013 and come down some time in January.
Mill Brook, Jericho VT

Squam Bog II, Holderness NH

Camel's Hump in felt