Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can't Wait to Paint Another Mural

My husband and I have some major renovations planned for our home, so until we accomplish this, I've been holding back my desire to paint a mural in our home. In our last place of residence, I painted a deep sea ocean floor mural in our basement. The hardest part of selling that house (besides the actually selling it part) was leaving that mural behind. The new owners said they would keep it, which is some comfort.

The mural in progress:

The finished mural:

In the same house, I had refinished one of our bathrooms with an adapted design from a Dover Pictura Art Nouveau book that I really really love. I plan to remodel the bathroom in our current home in a similar way, but probably not for awhile.

The Dover Pictura Art Nouveau picture the design was based on:

Cabinet in progress:

Finished cabinet:

Some electric fixtures:

I even painted the floor:

I've painted two murals in my eldest sister's home. One we call the "underwater room". She traveled to Australia and went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, so this room commemorates that experience for her.

It's an oddly shaped room, so difficult to get good pictures:

This was a key to the fish that I created for her:

The room next door to this is the "Mardi Gras" room. My sister lived in New Orleans for a brief period of time, and she really loves Mardi Gras, so this room has a few different New Orleans themes in it -- Rodrigue's Blue Dog, Bourbon Street, and Jazz.

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