Monday, May 31, 2010

What to Wear to a Nautically Themed Birthday Party?

A fish print t-shirt, of course! One for every member of the family!

Thanks to cousin Julie for outfitting her entire family in some of our fish print t-shirts while attending a nautically themed birthday party in France. You never know when a fish print shirt will be just the garment to complete your wardrobe. Don't they all look great? They're their own school of fish. What's neat is that they're all fish that you might find hanging out together in the aquatic realm: A bluegill on Julie, a rockbass on Thomas, and a yellow perch and pumpkinseed on the kids. The pumpkinseed was caught in Shadow lake in Glover, VT, the yellow perch in Mills Riverside park in Jericho, and the larger fish were some that lived out their lives at the ECHO aquarium in Burlington, VT. Nice to know there's a little piece of all of those places represented in France.

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  1. We were the hit of the party! My husband repeatedly explained to his compatriots that "Julie a une cousine qui aime des poissons" or something like that!